Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 28


Averroes says cold water is best therein, if he be able to endure it with equanimity, and rub the extremities and the spinal column afterwards with oils, compounded of oil of violets, and water rue, or of roses or some styptic thing in which is some cold,184 in order to retain the moisture of the bath inside. Let him be dried then with a soft linen cloth, and put to bed with cloths185 round him; then give milk as before mentioned. When that is digested, bathe him again as before mentioned. When that is digested, bathe him again as before, and put him and put him in an empty186 dwelling, lonely and sweet-smelling, in which is little air, and thereafter open the windows to cool the air,


for the air should be tempered187 where he has no clothes on, while he goes into the bath. Let there be a cold bright cloth in sight of his bed, on which is sprinkled rose water, after the bath and the unguents. Have a vessel full of cold water in which are sally leaves and rose and vine leaves near to his bed, and spread sally leaves round it, gathered before sunrise, whereon rose water188 is sprinkled, and let him sleep after eating. If the weather be hot,189 let the air be cooled by water violently shaken, raised up in a vessel, and let down again into a vessel that is low.