Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 26


An electuary175 is good in these fevers, early, called violet sugar [...] rose sugar, given after a meal and made as follows: [rx ] 1 lb. of sugar; drachm i176 of pearls; and drachm i t of white and red coral; make a powder of them, and mix with sugar of roses, to be taken with rosewater. Give this electuary at bedward177 and on rising: [rx ] ounce ii of each of these: diatragacanthum frigidum, diapenidii frigidi without cinnamon. Mix them well and drink with barley water. If putrid fever178 be combined with hectica, rosata novella is good [...] in the first form of the combination of putrida


with hectica. If possible let a little blood then, because we179 ought to check the putrid matter first, as it kills a man quickest, and here diatriosant: and diarrhodon abatis are advantageous.