Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 25


Two remedies are ordered here, called ordeatum and avenatum; one made from barley and one from oats. To make ordeatum, take the husks off the barley, and wash it well in frequent changes of water, and boil it as long as you would boil beef.173 Then bruise it well in a mortar, and add almond milk to it, strain it through a cloth, and boil till it begins to thicken; it is improved by boiling meat with it. In the same way avenatum174 proper is made, the which is naught but a kind of pottage, of oatmeal along with water and meat, and that forms the gruel that the English make with gross oatmeal and water and meat, which is a good thin pottage with ale. It is good for hectic patients and people going into a decline, and for almost all people.