Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 19


It is not good for every age as it is only adding fire to fire to give it to youths, according to Avicenna; and as much as it comforts the old, so much also it injures the young. Galen[?] says, if wine be drunk in moderation when it is required, it comforts the natural and animal forces, and gives good cheer and confidence. However much it gives relief if taken in moderation, it does still more harm if taken immoderately, for if the stomach be choleric, it turns it to choler; and if cold, it turns it to acidity and causes paralysis and cramp; and he who has a weak head gets drunk easily. Drunkenness comes from weakness of the brain, or excessive strength of the wine, or emptiness of the stomach, or from its being full of humours; therefore it is a rule that it is not right to drink wine without eating something first.