Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 15


The following are the thin foods156 that cure: barley water, filtered tisane, white wine, watery and sweet-tasting; broth of capons and hens; milk, barley or oaten sowens unflltered, cullis,157 and water of meat. These things are good here, for Galen says that it is easier for a man to fill himself with drink than with food,158 and this should be understood of thin food, or of fat, as the digestion in these is weak. (And) Averroes says, tisane is the best food for folk who have a warm dry complexion to take after bathing, if the weather be warm and dry, because it cools, moistens, and helps the expulsion of excess in every weather, and in every way. I say likewise, a hot, dry complexion is accidental here. And if you say there is no excess matter in this case, because it is not a material sickness, then I reply that superfluities are generated therein, through the excessive weakness of force, or the want of digestion, though they be scarce and not the matter of this disease.159