Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 14


Item make this drink for hectic fever patients.



Take a portion of water rue roots; a fistful of each of these: andivia, liverwort, bear's-foot, and water rue (?). If inflammation of the liver or putrid fever follow, take half a fistful of scariole, dandelion and chicory; and unless the sick man suffer from a loathing of food151, it is good to give a handful and a half of violets and lettuce. Since sleep greatly moistens sufferers from hectica, lettuce seed152 is good, and lactuca therein, and lactuca itself, and white poppy seed, and coltsfoot; and the four large cold seeds, ½ ounce of each of these things, and 1/4 lb. figs; ½ quart of almonds; an ounce of roses if the stomach be too hot; ounceii of sanders, red and white, if the liver be too hot; ouncei of calcined ivory turnings if the heart be too hot, and ½ ounce of camphor. Flowers of water rue and violets are advantageous here; if he have constipation153, and give ½ quart of each of these and ½ ounce of cassia fistula, if it be the first form of hectic fever, and a quarter of licorice, and a pound of cleaned barley, if the lungs be too hot. A pound or two of sugar,154 or more according to the means of the patient; though the more sugar there is in it, the better. Make him this syrup, with well water or rain water or barley water, on a slow fire without smoke, to be taken at bedward, or on rising. If the stomach be cold, and the season winter, give it tepid, and if not give it cold, but not so in other fevers, as the heat is in the solid members here. Item this syrup is good for sufferers from hectic fever, and phthisis, and the cough; and for those recovering from some other long hot sickness, and especially for those who indulge in an excess of sexual intercourse and study,155 and therefore I call it ‘the Golden Syrup’.