Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 8


Crimnodes are fat particles135 like wheat broken large or badly ground. When there is fat in the urine, if it come from the whole body, and appear slowly, it will be like a fishing net, in the first form of hectic fever. If it come suddenly, it comes from the kidneys, and the colour of fever will not be on the urine. If the sediment136 be as thick as a spider's web, it is a sign of the second form of hectic fever, and if it be like oil it typifies the third form. For Averroes says, it is seldom this fever comes except after the fever called ephemera; save in bodies predisposed to it, or else after a putrid fever. Therefore it is necessary to know what are the signs of the combining of this fever i.e. ephemera with hectic fever,137 and they are as follows: excess of vigour on the third day particularly as regards heat, as ephemera often begins to decrease after twelve hours, and when it goes beyond twelve hours with no signs of decreasing, but continues every day till the end of the third day,138 then it is hectic fever.