Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 7


Item133 the bodies called crimnodes are present in the urine from the burning of blood and flesh, in the first form of hectica, and also in its combination with the second form. The bodies come like scales from the surface of the strong members, but the bodies like bran from their centre, which is a sign of the third form of hectica, and these are the worst therein: and the smaller they are, the worse; for then they come from the strongest members. If the bodies called crimnodes should come from one member only, then the bigger they are the worse; and so Egidius was not right in saying that the bodies called crimnodes signified the third form of hectica. Sometimes the bodies like bran come from the bladder,134 then the urine is a good colour; and at other times should they come from the whole body, as in hectica, then it is evil-coloured.