Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 17


Since108 we have spoken much concerning water in these diseases, it may be asked whether it avails in fevers in every age. It is asserted that it avails not in any age, for it does not help youths as they need much nourishment to increase their growth, and there is not that nourishment in water; so it avails them not. Item it does not help young people, for by their like they are maintained, while water is contrary to their complexion; and so it avails them not. Item it is not good for the old, as it is like their complexion; in those immoderate people when like is put to like, it increases it, makes it vehement; and so it is not good for the old. Galen is against this in Regimen, where he says, good water avails for every age. And I say there is nothing in the world more efficacious for every age, in general, than water; and therefore we should


take much pains to find good, pure, cold water. Let us take for example food and air and the other particular matters in turn, and I say they are the moderate things that benefit moderate things, and that they are common to immoderate things. I say also, though the age be moderate or immoderate, it i.e. water (?) is not merely advantageous, but necessary or almost so; for when the food is thick in comparison with water, it cannot penetrate to the members, if it be not thinned; therefore since water is thin and fluid, it makes a way for the food to the members without doing the least harm. Neither wine nor milk nor any other simple does the like, and therefore there is nothing more beneficial to every age than good water. As to the reasons given against this part, I allow them; for in the way he gives the reasons, it does not avail; nevertheless it benefits in making a way for the food to the members, as aforesaid.