Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 16


[If it be caused by want of sleep and he have constipation],103


give him a clyster or honey suppository;104 and if the food be swimming in the stomach, make him vomit105: let him not take food till it be digested, and thereafter pay no heed to the fever, but comfort the stomach so that it digest the superfluities. If the bowels be relaxed, apply hot wormwood juice to the mouth of the stomach, and give easily digested foods, tending to coldness with some astringency, such as rose and nutmeg, and the like. If the matter come from hunger, give him food, and especially if choler be the peccant humour, or be dominant therein, for they are unable to take any meal.106 If it be produced by imposthumes, let them be cured in the way stated in the treatise on imposthumes107: therefore the nutriment of food and drink of those suffering from these fevers should tend towards cold and moisture, except when it is caused by consuming too much food.