Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 8


Draw special indications of the primitive causes from the patient himself, i.e. should the head85 be hot from the sun to the touch; if the colour of the skin86 turn dark and livid, it is from cold, and if it become hard and dry, as though it were stretched, that is produced by styptics; should there be heat round the liver in the natural spirit87, it is caused by drink or food, and the urine is highly coloured; if it come from hard labour, the body is weaker and there is pain in the joints; if from anger, the eyes are protruding88 and the face red, unless the anger be mixed with depression, because he cannot wreak vengeance89; and in that case he turns pale, and undergoes many changes of colour. If it come from depression alone, the eyes are sucked back (sunken); and if from poison, there is great heat and dryness internally, which causes violent thirst, and they say these are the people of melancholic humour.