Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 21


If it be said with Galen, that the increase of all the humours should be evacuated by blood-letting, and if it be only of one humour, then by laxatives, and therefore, that it follows that purgative medicine is for sanguine humour alone; I agree, but we should not use it without preparing with the following60: aloes, centaury, juice of honeysuckle and agaric. Regarding the word Averroes spake, that it were impossible to purge the fulness in the veins with laxative medicaments, I say this is how that should be understood: ‘impossible’, that is, ‘not easy’ or ‘difficult’. When one humour alone increases outside the veins, it is easy to purge it with laxatives, but in the case of fulness of the body in the veins, it is not good for them.61