Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 11


The cure of this fever demands the evacuation of the matter, alteration thereafter, and rationing of food and drink. The evacuation is ordered first here, but not so in other fevers, except those from blood, if it be pure, as in synochus.32 Note, much purging is demanded in this fever, such as blood-letting, cupping, scarification33 of the small of the foot and the nose, and by the haemorrhoidal and menstrual flow: and laxative medicaments avail here, and clysters, and suppositories. The letting of a vein is the last and the best of them; and if the


force and the age and the season permit it not, let the horn be applied to him, and the blood of the small of the foot34 is best here. If he abide that not, reduce his food and drink, employ sweating, and rub the members; the which Hali teaches when he speaks of superfluous repletion. This is manifest in synocha, for Hali35 says, it has no other cause but plethora and excessive oppilation, produced by red blood, wherein the excessive quantity is at fault.36