Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 10


Item epamasticus27 is the best of these and homotonos the mean. Item should broad black pustules, or green leaden hued ones, appear on the sufferer from this fever, it is a sign of death. Item if the eyes shed involuntary tears in this fever, it is a sign of death, unless there be an imposthume or an itching on them in the lids.28 Item heaviness after sufficiency of sleep is a bad symptom and a sign of death, and likewise great difficulty in drawing breath on account of the violence of the disease. Item when small black pustules29 arise on the tongue of sufferers from this disease, or any other acute sickness, it signifies death, and especially if they desire hot things. Item if on the knee of the sufferer a little black pustule30 arise with redness round it, it is a sign of death; and though these pustules disappear suddenly, unless they were wont to be on him in health, it is a cause for fear. A red imposthume on any principal member is dangerous, more especially if it appear on a place whither that member sends its excess,31 or near thereunto.