Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 11


And Galen says there is no difference between tertiana and causon as regards the matter from which they are formed,


for it is from choler they are both formed. And this is causon i.e. when choler has the dominance
[burning inside the veins
near to the heart] {Sed kaûsos [sic], est cum ipsa cholera dominatur &augmentatur ebulliens intra venas, cum sanguine mixta in locis propinquis cordi.}’’

R. A. 675

or to the stomach, or to the lungs. [This is tertiana,] when choler moves [throughout the body in the places that are more remote from the heart than that ...] {tertiana vero est, cum cholera movetur per corpus in locis a corde remotioribus.}’’

R. A. 675.


Regarding Sanguine Fever etc. {De Synocho non putri, seu Febre sanguinea.}’’

R. A. 810