Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 9


Item Nature goes to the interior members on account of the hurtful thing that torments her and the members, and the exterior members cool until the matter heats {Similiter natura refugit da interiora, propter rem nocivam pungentem, & tunc exteriora refrigerantur, quousque materia calefiat.}’’

R. A. 674

and inflames; and the heat is spread throughout the whole body, for the heat is choked at the beginning of the disease and the paroxysm by corrupt humours {tunc in principio calor obtunditur ab humore putredinali.}’’

R. A. 674

, and when it corrupts entirely


and is mixed with the natural heat, it spreads throughout the whole body and the heat is choked on account of this, and great is the inflammation it causes, and it causes extreme sleeplessness and pain and burning in the liver; and the sharp vapours that arise from the body destroy the appetite and cause bitterness in the mouth at the end of the fourth paroxysm, for this is the stasis of the fever. And these folk who have the fever fling their clothes off them {pannos as se rejiciunt}’’

R. A. 674

, and at this time choleric sweat comes, or choleric vomiting, or choleric faeces, for if the matter be light, it is purged by sweat, and if it be heavy and gross, it is by the faeces, and if intermediate between, them it is by vomiting.