Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 7


Regarding the signs of tertian fever, and understand that there are two signs proper to the fevers caused by corruption {quod signa generalia febrium putridarum propria, tantum sint duo.}’’

R. A. 673.

One sign of them is that there is no hypostasis at the beginning of the fever, for the heat is troubled, so that it cannot digest the humours. {i. est, quod urina in principio hypostasin non habet: quia calor est impeditus super humorum digestionem.}’’

R. A. 673

The other sign i.e. the pulse is variable; this variableness is on account of the excess of the humours or their malice {varietas enim fit in putridis propter humorum multitudinem ac malitiam ... [Aliud signum est, quod quando patiens ponitur in balneum, & sentit horripilationem, tunc adest putrida: si non, Ephemera.]}’’

R. A. 673, cf. B par. 7.