Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 6


And these fevers have many other particular and special causes {Sed caussae in particulari & speciali sunt multae.}’’

R. A. 672

, such as hot, dry, immoderate foods, or that excess of this food be eaten, or too little of it, or that it be eaten fasting; for it is changed then in the stomach or in the liver to heat and strong dryness, and brings the stomach and the liver to that complexion, and the blood that is formed from that food is hot, dry, and immoderate, and choler is increased in quantity and made immoderate in (its) quality, and it hinders the operation of the gall; it will not draw choler, and remains thus along with the blood, and will be odious to nature {& mutliplicatur cholera in quantitate, & impeditur operatio fellis, non trahens choleram; & sic remanebit cum sanguine & inflabitur: quia fiet odiosus naturae.}’’

R. A. 672



and corrupts and putrefies; for when choler goes from its natural way in quantity and quality or in both, it then turns to sanguine humour {quando exit cholera a sua via naturali ... tunc remanebit infusa sanguini.}’’

R. A. 672

, and the members that are nourished on this blood go by degrees from their own natural complexion to a hot, dry, evil complexion, and form diseases from choler in this way. Another cause of this fever is hot, dry air, and too much labour and over-sleeping, and accidents of the soul, as anger and fury, and affections of the heart, and other things like them {vigiliae multae, & accidentia animae; sicuti ira, furor, affectus cordis [etc.]}’’

R. A. 673.