Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 4


Item understand that fever is not formed from pure choler, but from subtle choleric blood, or choleric moisture with which phlegm is not mixed {de cholera pura non est febris: ... est subiectum salubrium: sed sanguis subtilis cholericus, aut humiditas, in qua dominatur cholera. Et si dicat Averroes, vel alius Antilogicus, quod de cholera pura non fiat tertiana pura ... Respoendeo, hoc verum esse, de sanguine cholerico, vel de humiditate cholerica, cum uqa non miscetur phlegma.}’’

R. A. 671

, and if Averroes or anyone else say that tertian fever is formed from pure choler, I say that that should be understood thus, i.e. it is caused by subtle choleric blood or choleric moisture with which phlegm does not


mix (? is not mixed). And if anyone say it is not meet to give a laxative in tertian fever, since Hali says there is no laxative that purges red blood (and) I say there is no laxative that purges pure sanguine humour without an alteration (?) though sanguine humour is purged on being changed, or else, I say that that part of choler is purged that is along with the blood {Respondeo, verum esse, quod sanguinis puri, non alterati, nec mutati non sit laxativum: attamen possibile est, ut pars cholerica in sanguine purgetur, aut alteretur.}’’

R. A. 671.