Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 3


Let us speak now of the description of tertian fever. This is tertian fever i.e. unnatural heat generated from increase (?) of choler which afflicts every action and
from a third to the next third time {Est igitur Tertiana febris, calor non naturalis, generatus ex inflammatione cholerae ... laedens omnes actiones & passiones membrorum; de tertio in tertium affligens.}’’

R. A. 671.

Understand that there is natural choler and unnatural, and there are species of unnatural choler, such as notha tertiana, and there are species of that, for notha tertiana is formed from the combination of phlegm and choler; and it is formed from burning, such as cholera aeruginosa and cholera prasina, and Isaac says fever is not formed from these, and Averroes says it is. And thus that should be understood, i.e. these kinds are deadly
and so a fever is not formed from them that can be cured, and so both authors are saved {Naturalis, & non naturalis. Non naturalis est multiplex: notha propter adiustionem phlegmatis: & notha propter adiustionem cholerae aeruginosae, quae vocatur ... prasina: sed ex istis non fit febris, ut dicit Isaac; quod tamen Averroes ... negat. Verum ipsa est mortalis, ideo non fit ex ea febris salubris: & sic uterque autor salvatur.}’’

R. A. 671

[...] And there is notha tertiana from the mixture of phlegm, and there are two kinds of that. One from the combination of subtle phlegm, the which is cholera citrina, and the other of gross phlegm the which is cholera vitellina {Est & cholera notha, & non vera, propter admixtionem phlegmatis subtilis, & illa est cholera citrina: & est notha per admixtionem phlegmatis crassi, & illa cholera est vitellina.}’’

R. A. 671.