Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The saints of Munster brought it about well (Author: unknown)


  1. The saints of Munster of the seed of fair and prosperous Conaire brought it about well, so as for me to be, yonder in their house, their preacher and their master.
  2. They brought it all under one head, authority from king and over-king, the authority of the chieftains and their women, to glorify them or to bring them into great decline.
  3. Firm Crónán without house brought it about, as did Flannán son of Toirdhealbhach and Mochuille, as he ought, and Coimhghiollán and Fínghin.1
  4. Dodhrán of Doora brought it about for me, as did excellent and fair Laichtín. Mochonna, above everyone else, brought it about, as did Caimín of Inishcaltra.2

  5. p.20

  6. Fearless Luchtighearn brought it about for me, as did Conall son of Domhnall, Maol Eala and Blathmhac, who was not weak, together with Éinne of Aran.3
  7. Ruadhán brought it about for me through [?], as did the grandson of Suanach, Mainchín, who used to come into their presence, brought it about, as did pleasant Fíonán and Neasán.4

  8. p.21

  9. The son of Aoibhléan brought it about, as did Bréanainn son of Fionnlugh, The son of [F]aircheallach brought it about from his house, as did great Ailbhe from Imleach.5
  10. The daughter of Baoth brought it about, as did Mughain, Sárnaid and Subhalach. Fursa did so, as did clever Ríceall, Soidhealbh and Fíonmhaith.6

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  12. All these saints that I've enumerated here made complaint to me about Leath Mogha's legate-ship being in bondage to Finnian of Clonard.7

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  14. I went on a journey that was not easy, accompanied by a thousand saints; it was without the leave of powerful Leath Chuinn that I brought the cross from the North.

    Their Saints Brought . . .