Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Gaelic Maundeville (Author: John Maundeville)

paragraph 225

And that country extends to Prussia and Russia, and through this land flows Etil (the Volga), the greatest river of the streams on earth; and (in winter) so much ice is thereon that every one is battling upon it, more than a hundred thousand, both foot and horse. And nigh that river is the sea Ocean (the Black Sea) which they themselves called Maure,23 and the Caspian sea, and that sea extendeth thence to the country of Judea (India?): therefore Alexander built the city called Alexandria, so that no one might cross that sea without permission. And that city is now called Portefar24 and the greatest city in this country is Sarasie, and that is (one) way of going into the land of Judea (India), but it is not taken save in winter. And Berbent (Derbend) is the name of that passage.