Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Gaelic Maundeville (Author: John Maundeville)

paragraph 155

In that land no man may see the star toward the North, because the floor of the earth is between that land and it, for it is not seen on the southern side of the earth, and truly they have a star in the South which never makes any move from them, just as there is a star in the North. And from this I understand that if men would get a ship and provisions and a wind, they would go round the world beneath and above and all about it. I myself went from that country to Libya, and there is seen the star in the South that is called Antarctic, and by it the mariners of all that southern half steer, as do the mariners of the Northern side steer by the star which is called Transmontana; and these are the two stars that divide the firmament between them. And I have journeyed from the star in the South as far as the star in the North, and it was possible for me to go round the world beneath and above and all about it; and I found men and islands in every place just as in the country in which we are. And truly the folk that are under the northern star are foot against foot to those that dwell under us; for every part of the world and of the sea have their opposites equally long from the middle of the world eastward and westward to the south and to the north.