Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Gaelic Maundeville (Author: John Maundeville)

paragraph 136

On the other side of Chaldea, that is, towards the south, is Ethiopia, and great is that country, and jet-black men dwell therein, and on its southern side is a well which no one in the World can drink because of its coldness in the day and its heat in the night; and all the rivers of that country are turbid water, and the taste of salt .... And the folk are all lightly drunken, and but little food do they eat. And there are some people there who have only one huge foot, and wonderful is the swiftness of those people, and when they rest, they lift up their soles between them and the sun, so that they are sheltered from the heat. And in that country is Sado (Saba) the city from which the third king came with an offering to the Lord and under guidance of the star.