Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Gaelic Maundeville (Author: John Maundeville)

paragraph 82

And beside the same church is the site of the house of Herod who slew the (Innocent) Children, from desire to put God's Son to death and his own children, boy and girl, and his wedded wife, and his concubine. A fearful dropsy attacked this Herod, so that all his limbs swelled and putrefied, and when he understood that he would not arise, he sent a message to the lords that were in the country and to their children. And when they came to him, he cast them into prison, and he made his sister swear that she would kill them all when he himself should be dead; for he knew that in no other way would he be lamented in the country, so that it might be said that the wailing and great lamentation were through his (own) death. Then he went into a bath-tub and asked for an apple and a knife, and thrust the knife into his belly, and let his bowels out into the tub. And when this Herod, the Ascalonite, died, his sister let the prisoners out unharmed.