Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Gaelic Maundeville (Author: John Maundeville)

paragraph 51

And thence men go to Hebron, which is called (the Vale of Mambre, that is) the Vale of Tears, because Adam was there a hundred years bewailing Abel his son, who had been killed by Cain through envy and jealousy. And this was once the chief city of the Philistines. And in the Valley of Hebron were Joshua, the son of Nun, and Caleb, with their companions, when they came from the children of Israel to espy the Land of Promise, and there dwelt David as King for seven years and a half, and he was thirty-three and a half in Jerusalem. And there is the tomb of the Patriarchs, even Adam, and Abraham, and Jacob with their wives, even Sarah and Rebecca. And beside the burial-place of those people stands a venerable church, and over it the Saracens keep a close watch for dread lest Jew or Christian should come into it without permission from the Soldan, for they deem it meeter for a dog to go into a holy place than a Jew. And this is the name of the place in their language, Cariotarba, its Gaelic is Adlacadh na Patrierca (the Sepulture of the Patriarchs), its Hebrew is Arboth.