Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Gaelic Maundeville (Author: John Maundeville)

paragraph 7

Of the Way to Constantinople

Every company that shall come out of the west of the world, as from Ireland and Scotland and England and Norway, to seek the Holy Land may, if they themselves wish, avoid going to the passage over the Red Sea, but keep through Germany and through the kingdom of Hungary that marches on the kingdom of Poland, and Pannonia, and Anasig (Silesia). And the king of Hungary is a great king and a mighty, and holdeth in his hand many countries besides Hungary, such as Savoy (Slavonia) and Comania, and a great part of Bulgaria, and a great part of the realm of Russia, which marches on the kingdom of the Land of the Snow (Nyfeland, Livonia), and on Prussia. Men go into Hungary as far as the city that is called Ciproner (Sopron, Oedenburg) and the castle of Nebrock (Meseburg, now Wieselburg) and thence over the river Danube. And great is that river, for it goeth8 between the hills of Germany and the hills of Lombardy, and two score other rivers fall into it, and it flows through Hungary, and Greece, and Thrace; and it flows so strongly between those countries that it is sweet water (twenty miles) westward in the high sea.