Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Gaelic Maundeville (Author: John Maundeville)

paragraph 2

And whoever hath desire to go to see that (Holy) Land, because Christ chose it for His own people as a Land of Promise, and traversed it with His own holy feet, and made therein many sermons and teachings to His people, and chose that His Mother and Himself should be born and buried therein, and as he said that He Himself was the king of the Jews; [and] because of the goodness of the fruit which the land produced, and the holiness of Him that traversed it, and who chose to receive His Passion in the very central point of the world, in Jerusalem, so that it might be convenient for tidings of Him and of His faith to reach from that place eastwards and westwards, southwards and northwards, and it was there that He sent the Holy Ghost to His apostles on Pentecost Sunday, and sent them to the four quarters of the world, to sow faith and devotion in the tribes of the world—and whosoever would fain know the best way to wend from every country to Jerusalem and the holy places that are thereabout, Fingin, son of Diarmait Mór Húa Mathgamna, will tell it.