Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Voyage of the Hui Corra (Author: Unknown)

section 77

    1. (We) the Húi-Chorra of Connaught
      Without fear against banks of billows,
      Over the gravel of the mightily-roaring sea
      For knowledge of the wonderful folk,
      In a boat (?) lasting, blessed,
      On a course satisfying, firm,
      • We went on our pilgrimage
        At the blast of the whistling wind.
        To (obtain) forgiveness of our sins,
        There is the cause of asking.
        • We have finished this act of devotion.
          I give thanks to the Mighty One,
          Though we have deserved malediction
          We have not destroyed our...
          • They bowed their heads,
            This clan, the Húi Corra.

So far the Voyage of the Húi Corra's Boat.