Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Voyage of the Hui Corra (Author: Unknown)

section 75

Thereafter they bade farewell, and the old man related to them their (future) wanderings and the order of life And he said to them: ‘Ye shall go’, saith he, ‘from me over the sea to the Point of Spain43, and a boat's crew44 will meet you oh the sea a-fishing, and they will take you with the to land. And when thou’, he said to the bishop, ‘shalt go out of the boat on shore, make prostration thrice unto God, and around the sod whereon you shalt set thy face the host shall assemble on every side. They will establish a church and community there. And thy fame shall reach to Rome, and Peter's successor shall bring you eastwards to Rome, and thou shall leave yon priest in that place, and thou


shalt leave the deacon as a sacristan, and that place shall be upheld in use till Doomsday. You shall leave the gillie in Britain, and he shall remain there so long as he shall be alive.’