Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Voyage of the Hui Corra (Author: Unknown)

section 73

They came thence to an island wherein dwelt one of Christ's disciples. Marvellous, moreover, was the island. A cell and a church were therein. They chanted their paternoster to God before the church. quoth the elder who was in the church: ‘Welcome (is) the prayer of our tutor Jesus!’ ‘What is that?’ said the sage who was in the doorway: ‘in what place hast you seen Him?’ ‘One of His disciples am I’, saith he, ‘>and I failed Him, and fled from Him on the sea, till I chanced upon this island, and I ate some of the herbs of the island and also of its fruit, till an angel came to me from heaven and quoth to me: ‘Not rightly hast you done,’ quoth he: ‘howbeit you shall bide in this life without death till doomsday.’ So I stand in that wise till today, and through him there comes not to me a meal at every none41.’