Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Voyage of the Hui Corra (Author: Unknown)

section 14

‘Meseems’, quoth Lochan, ‘that is not that is meetest


for us to do. For evil is the lord whom we have served, and good is the lord on whom we have hitherto wrought robbery and brigandage. And I beheld a vision hideous and awful, to wit, that I was borne away to see Heaven and (also) Hell, a place wherein were abundance of punishments on throngs of human souls and on devils. So I saw the four rivers of Hell, even a river of toads and a river of serpents, a river of fire and a river of snow. I beheld the Monster of Hell with abundance of heads and feet upon it6, and (all) the men of the world would die of seeing it. Thereafter I perceived that I was borne away to gaze at Heaven, and I beheld the Lord Himself on His throne, a birdflock of angels making music to Him. Then I saw a bright bird, and sweeter was his singing than every melody. Now this was Michael in the form of a bird7 in the presence of the Creator. This is my counsel to you’, says Lochan, ‘to quit your weapons and in future to follow GOD.’

‘What is that?’ says Enne. ‘Will the Lord accept from us repentance for the great evils we have wrought?’