Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Voyage of the Hui Corra (Author: Unknown)


section 1

A princely landholder, hundreded, combative, was born, once upon a time, in the dear and beautiful province of Connaught, to wit, Conall the Red, descendant of Corra the Fair. Thus was that landholder: a man happy, wealthy, exceeding prosperous; and never had his house been found without Three Cries therein, to wit, the cry of the strainers a-straining ale, and the cry of the vassals over the cauldrons a-forking out (joints) to the hosts, and the cry of the warriors at the chess-boards a-winning games from each other. Never, too, was his house found without the Three Sacks, to wit, a sack of malt for preparing yeast, a sack of wheat for preparing the refection of the guests, and a sack of salt to make every food taste well.