Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Death of Finn Mac Cumaill (Author: [unknown])

Fragment 2

(Egerton 92, fo. 6a, 1).

up to this,’ said Finn [...] said she [...] prophecy [...] ‘that he would die when he should drink
poison out of a horn.’ ‘True, O hag’, said he. ‘Here is my brooch for thee.’ Then he went along the Boyne eastward until he reached his ‘Leap’. Thereupon he fell between two rocks, so that his forehead struck against the rock and his brains were dashed about him, and he died between the two rocks. Fishermen of the Boyne found him. They were four, viz. the three sons of Urgriu, and Aiclech the son of Dubdriu. These found him, and Aiclech cut off his head. And the sons of Urgriu slew him i. e. Aiclech. They took his i. e. Finn's head with them into an empty house, and boiled their fish, and divided it in two. His head was over against the fire. ‘Give it a morsel’, said a black evil-jesting man, ‘since Aiclech is no more(?).’ Three times the fish was divided in two, and still there were three portions. ‘What is this?’ said one of them. Then said the head from before the fire:

    1. 'Tis this that causes the third division
      with you, without any flattery,
      That my bit be given me
      by you at the meal

[...] as the historian says:

    1. Finn was slain,
      'Twas by spears, without a hero's(?) wound:
      Aiclech son of Duibdriu took off
      His head from the glorious son of Muin.