Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Death of Finn Mac Cumaill (Author: [unknown])


Fragment 1

(Laud 610, fo. 122b, 2.)

After old age had come to Finn the grandson of Baiscne, his men noticed it on him, and he did not dissemble. ‘Why does he not stay’, said they, ‘near the king of Erin, and we should gather to thee.’ ‘I am well pleased’, said he. Nine remain with Finn. On the morrow one of them went with the fiann. Then another went, and so on until only one man was left with Finn. ‘'Tis true then’, said he, ‘it is old age the men notice on me. I shall know that by my running and leaping, for it is in the east my ‘Leap’ is, even on the Boyne, and I shall go to its brink.’ So he set out from the west on the high-road of Gowran into Mullaghmast. There in Mullaghmast he found a woman making curds [...]