Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 85

    1. The tomb of Suibhne here!
      remembrance of him has wrung my heart!
      dear to me too, out of love for him,
      each place in which the holy madman used to be.
    2. Dear to me is fair Glen Bolcain
      because of perfect Suibhne's love of it;
      dear each stream that flows out of it,
      dear its green-topped watercress.
    3. Yonder is the Well of the Madman,
      dear was he to whom it gave food,
      dear to me its clear sand,
      dear its pure water.
    4. On me was imposed his preparation,
      it seemed long until I should see him,
      he asked that he be taken to my house,
      dear was the lying in wait.
    5. Dear each cool stream
      wherein the green-topped watercress grew,
      each well of bright water too,
      because Suibhne used to visit it.
    6. If it be the will of the King of the stars,
      arise and come with me,
      give me, O heart, thy hand
      from the grave and from the tomb!
    7. Melodious to me was the converse of Suibhne,
      long shall I keep his memory in my breast:
      I entreat my noble King of Heaven
      above his grave and on his tomb!