Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 82

The herd came up to him. ‘Dour is the deed you have done, O herd,’ said Suibhne,‘even to slay me, guiltless, for henceforth I cannot escape through the hedge because of the wound you have dealt me.’ ‘If I had known that it was you were there,’ said the herd, ‘I would not have wounded you however much you may have injured me.’ ‘By Christ, man!’ said he, ‘I have done you no injury whatever as you think, nor injury to anyone else on the ridge of the world since God sent me to madness; and of small account should be the harm to you through my being in the hedge here and getting a little milk for God's sake from yonder woman. And I would not trust myself with your wife nor with any other woman for the earth and its fruits.’ ‘Christ's curse on you, O herd!’ said Moling. ‘Evil is the deed you have done, short be your span of life here and hell beyond, because of the deed you have done.’ ‘There is no good to me therefrom,’ said Suibhne, ‘for your wiles have compassed me and I shall be dead from the wound that has been dealt me.’ ‘You will get an eric for it,’ said Moling, ‘even that you be in Heaven as long as I shall be’; and the three uttered this lay between them, that is, Suibhne, Mongan, and Moling: