Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 78

One night a dispute arose between Muirgil and another woman in the milking enclosure, whereupon the latter said: ‘the worse is it for you,’ said she, ‘that another man is not more welcome to you, and yet that you do not prefer your own husband to come to you than the madman who is visiting you for the past year.’ The herd's sister hearkened to that; nevertheless she mentioned nothing about it until she saw Muirgil on the morrow morning going to leave the milk for Suibhne in the cowdung near the hedge at which he was. The herd's sister seeing that, came in and said to her brother: ‘You cowardly creature, your wife is in yonder hedge with another man,’ said she, The herd hearing that became jealous, and he rose suddenly and and and and angrily and seized a spear that was within on a rack and made for the


madman. The madman's side was towards him as he was lying down eating his meal out of the cowdung. The herd made a thrust of the spear out of his hand at Suibhne and wounded him in the nipple of his left breast, so that the point went through him, breaking his back in two. (Some say that it is the point of a deer's horn the herd had placed under him in the spot where he used to take his drink out of the cowdung, that he fell on it and so met his death.)