Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 75

    1. Moling:An early hour is it, thou madman,
      for due celebration.

    Suibhne:Though to thee, cleric, it may seem early,
    terce has come in Rome.


    1. Moling:How dost thou know, mad one,
      when terce comes in Rome?

    Suibhne:Knowledge comes to me from my Lord
    each morn and each eve.

  1. Moling:Relate through the mystery of speech
    tidings of the fair Lord.

    Suibhne:With thee is the (gift of) prophecy
    if thou art Moling.

  2. Moling:How dost thou know me,
    thou toiling, cunning madman?

    Suibhne:Often have I been upon this green
    since my reason was overthrown.

  3. Moling:Why dost thou not settle in one place,
    thou son of Colman Cuar?

    Suibhne:I had rather be in one seat
    in life everlasting.

  4. Moling:Miserable one, will thy soul reach
    hell with vastness of slime?

    Suibhne:God inflicts no pain on me
    save being without rest.

  5. Moling:Move hither that thou mayest eat
    what thou deemest sweet.

    Suibhne:If you but knew, cleric,
    more grievous is it to be without a cloak.

  6. Moling:Thou shalt take my cowl
    or thou shalt take my smock.

    Suibhne:Though to-day I am ghastly,
    there was a time when it, was better.

  7. p.141

  8. Moling:Art thou the dreaded Suibhne
    who came from the battle of Rath?

    Suibhne:If I am, 'tis not to be guaranteed
    what I might eat at early morn'.

  9. Moling:Whence has come my recognition,
    cunning madman, to thee?

    Suibhne:Often am I upon this green
    watching thee from afar.

  10. Moling:Delightful is the leaf of this book,
    the psalter of holy Kevin.

    Suibhne:More delightful is a leaf of my yew
    in happy Glen Bolcain.

  11. Moling:Dost thou not deem this churchyard pleasant
    with its school of beautiful colours?

    Suibhne:Not more unpleasant was my muster
    the morning at Magh Rath.

  12. Moling:I will go for celebration
    to Glais Cille Cro.

    Suibhne:I will leap a fresh ivy-bush
    a high leap, and it will be a greater feat.

  13. Moling:Wearisome is it to me in this church
    waiting on the strong and weak.

    Suibhne:More wearisome is my couch
    in chilly Benn Faibhni.

  14. Moling:Where comes thy life's end,
    in church or lake?

    Suibhne:A herd of thine
    will slay me at early morn.