Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 73

    1. Cliff of Farannan, abode of saints,
      with many fair hazels and nuts,
      swift cold water
      rushing down its side.
    2. Many green ivy-trees are there
      and mast such as is prized,
      and fair, heavy-topped apple-trees
      bending their branches.
    3. Many badgers going under its shelter
      and fleet hares too,
      brows of seals
      coming hither from the main.
    4. I am Suibhne son of upright Colman,
      many a frosty night have I been feeble;
      Ronan of Druim Gess has outraged me,
      I sleep 'neath a tree at yonder waterfall.