Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 69

    1. 'I am Suibhne, alas!
      my wretched body is utterly dead,
      evermore without music, without sleep,
      save the soughing of the rude gale.

    2. p.133

    3. I have come from Luachair Deaghaidh
      to the border of Fiodh Gaibhle,
      this is my fare—I hide it not—
      ivy-berries, oak-mast.
    4. A year have I been on the mountain
      in this form in which I am,
      without food going into my body
      save crimson holly-berries.
    5. The madman of Glen Bolcain am I,
      I shall not hide my gnawing grief;
      to-night my vigour has come to an end,
      not to me is there no cause for grief.