Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 64

God heard Ronan's prayer, for when Suibhne came to the centre of Sliabh Fuaid he stopped still there, and a strange apparition appeared to him at midnight; even trunks, headless and red, and heads without bodies, and five bristling, rough-grey heads without body or trunk among them, screaming and leaping this way and that about the road. When he came among them he heard them talking to each other, and this is what they were saying: ‘He is a madman,’ said the first head; ‘a madman of Ulster,’ said the second head; ‘follow him well,’ said the third head; ‘may the pursuit be long,’ said the fourth head; ‘until he reaches the


sea,’ said the fifth head. They rose forth together towards him. He soared aloft in front of them (passing) from thicket to thicket, and no matter how vast was the glen before him he would not touch it, but would leap from one edge of it to another, and from the summit of one hill to the summit of another.