Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 61


    1. I am in great grief to-night,
      the pure wind has pierced my body;
      wounded are my feet, my cheek is wan,
      O great God! it is my due.
    2. Last night I was in Benn Boirche,
      the rain of chilly Aughty beat on me;
      to-night my limbs are racked
      in the fork of a tree in pleasant Gaille.
    3. I have borne many a fight without cowardice
      since feathers have grown on my body;
      each night and each day
      more and more do I endure ill.

    4. p.121

    5. Frost and foul storm have wrung my heart,
      snow has beaten on me on Sliabh mic Sin;
      to-night the wind has wounded me,
      without the heather of happy Glen Bolcain.
    6. Unsettled is my faring through each land,
      it has befallen me that I am without sense or reason,
      from Magh Line to Magh Li,
      from Magh Li to the impetuous Liffey.
    7. I pass over the wooded brow of Sliabh Fuaid,
      in my flight I reach Rathmor,
      across Magh Aoi, across bright Magh Luirg,
      I reach the border of fair Cruachan.
    8. From Sliabh Cua—no easy expedition—
      I reach pleasant Glais Gaille;
      from Glais Gaille, though a long step,
      I arrive at sweet Sliabh Breagh to the east.
    9. Wretched is the life of one homeless,
      sad is the Iife, O fair Christ!
      a meal of fresh, green-tufted watercress,
      a drink of cold water from a clear stream.
    10. Stumbling from withered tree-tops,
      faring through furze—deed without falsehood—
      shunning mankind, keeping company with wolves,
      racing with the red stag over the field.
    11. Sleeping of nights without covering in a wood
      in the top of a thick, bushy tree,
      without hearing voice or speech;
      O Son of God, great is the misery!

    12. p.123

    13. Foolishly I race up a mountain-peak
      alone, exhausted by dint of vigour;
      I have parted from my faultless shape;
      O Son of God, great is the misery!