Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 56



  1. Woe to those who strike women's fancy,
    however excellent their form,
    since Suibhne Geilt
    has got no sympathy from his first love.
  2. And woe to him who trusts in women
    whether by night or by day,
    whatever be in their minds,
    after the treachery of Eorann.
  3. Good was my kindness to the woman—
    without guile, without deceit—
    she got from me thrice fifty cows
    and fifty steeds in one day.
  4. When I was in the conflict
    I would not avoid an armed band;
    where there was a fight or a tussle
    I was a match for thirty.
  5. Rightly did Congal ask
    of us Ulster warriors:
    which of you will repel in battle
    Oilill Cedach the combative?
  6. Wild and angry the man,
    huge his shield and his spear,
    he stilled for a time the host,
    the matchless, huge man.
  7. Said I at Congal's side—
    it was not the response of a timid man—
    I will ward off mighty Oilill,
    though hard beyond aIl is it to encounter him.

  8. p.115

  9. Headless I left Oilill,
    and right glad was I thereat;
    by me also there fell
    five sons of the king of Magh Mairge.