Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 54

    1. Woe to him who bears enmity,
      would that he had not been born or brought forth!
      whether it be a woman or a man that bear it,
      may the two not reach holy Heaven!
    2. Seldom is there a league of three
      without one of them murmuring;
      blackthorns and briars have torn me
      so that I am the murmurer.
    3. A crazy woman fleeing from her man—
      however, it is a strange tale—
      a man without clothes, without shoes,
      fleeing before the woman.
    4. Our desire when the wild ducks come
      at Samhuin, up to May-day,
      in each brown wood without scarcity
      to be in ivy-branches.

    5. p.111

    6. Water of bright Glen Bolcain,
      listening to its many birds;
      its melodious, rushing streams,
      its islands and its rivers.
    7. Its sheltering holly and its hazels,
      its leaves, its brambles, its acorns,
      its delicious, fresh berries,
      its nuts, its refreshing sloes.
    8. The number of its packs of hounds in woods,
      the bellowing of its stags,
      its pure water without prohibition;
      'tis not I that hated it.