Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 52



    1. Magh Line I am to-night,
      my bare breast knows it;
      I know too the plain
      wherein dwelt my mate Congal.
    2. Once upon a time Congal Claon and I
      were here in the plain together;
      as we were going to plenteous Druim Lurgain,
      we made converse for a while.
    3. Said I to the king—


      I am fain to depart
      too little do I deem my recompense.
    4. I got from him as a gift
      thrice fifty bridled steeds,
      thrice fifty strong swords,
      fifty foreigners and fifty handmaidens.
    5. I got from him the brown steed,
      the best that sped over meadow and sward;
      I got his golden tunic
      and his girdle of chequered silk.
    6. What plain is a match for Magh Line,
      unless it be the plain that is in Meath,
      or Magh Femin of many crosses,
      or the plain that is in Airgeadros?
    7. Or Magh Feadha, or Magh Luirg,
      or Magh Aei with beauty of rank,
      or Magh Life, or Magh Li,
      or the plaini that is in Murthemne?

    8. p.109

    9. Of all that I have ever seen
      both north and south and west,
      I have not yet beheld
      the peer of this plain.