Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 33

No sooner had he finished than the army swarmed into the camp from every quarter, whereupon he set off in his headlong flight, as he had often done. He halted not in his career until before the fall of night he arrived at Ros Bearaigh—the first church at which he tarried after the battle of Magh Rath—and he went into the yew-tree which was in the church.


Muireadach mac Earca was erenach of the church at the time, and his wife happened to be going past the yew when she saw the madman in it; she recognized that it was Suibhne was there and said to him: ‘Come out of the yew, king of Dal Araidhe; there is but one woman before you here.’ She said so in order to seize the madman, and to deceive and beguile him. ‘I will not go indeed,’ said Suibhne, ‘lest Loingseachan and his wife come to me, for there was a time when it would have been easier for you to recognize me than it is to-day’; whereupon he uttered these staves: