Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 29



    1. O Loingseachan, thou art irksome,
      I have not leisure to speak with thee,
      Ronan does not let me trust thee;
      'tis he who has put me in a sorry plight.
    2. I made the luckless cast
      from the midst of the battle at Ronan;
      it pierced the precious bell
      which was on the cleric's breast.
    3. As I hurled the splendid cast
      from the midst of the battle at Ronan,
      said the fair cleric: 'Thou hast leave
      to go with the birds.'

    4. p.45

    5. Thereafter I sprang up
      into the air above;
      in life I have never leaped
      a single leap that was lighter.
    6. Were it in the glorious morning,
      on the Tuesday following the Monday,
      none would be prouder than I am
      by the side of a warrior of my folk.
    7. A marvel to me is that which I see,
      O Thou that hast shaped this day;
      The woman's garment on the floor,
      two piercing eyes of Loingseachan.