Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 27


    1. The man by the wall snores,
      slumber like that I dare not;
      for seven years from the Tuesday at Magh Rath
      I have not slept a wink.
    2. O God of Heaven! would that I had not gone
      to the fierce battle!
      thereafter Suibhne Geilt was my name,
      alone in the top of the ivy.
    3. Watercress of the well of Druim Cirb
      is my meal at terce;
      on my face may be recognized its hue,
      'tis true I am Suibhne Geilt.
    4. For certain am I Suibhne Geilt,
      one who sleeps under shelter of a rag,
      about Sliabh Liag if ...
      these men pursue me.
    5. When I was Suibhne the sage,
      I used to dwell in a lonely shieling,
      on sedgy land, on a morass, on a mountain-side;
      I have bartered my home for a far-off land.
    6. I give thanks to the King above
      with whom great harshness is not usual;
      'tis the extent of my injustice
      that has changed my guise.
    7. Cold, cold for me is it
      since my body lives not in the ivy-bushes,
      much rain comes upon it
      and much thunder.
    8. Though I live from hill to hill
      in the mountain above the yew glen;
      in the place where Congal Claon was left
      alas that I was not left there on my back!
    9. Frequent is my groan,
      far from my churchyard is my gaping house;
      I am no champion but a needy madman,
      God has thrust me in rags, without sense.
    10. 'Tis great folly
      for me to come out of Glen Bolcain,
      there are many apple-trees in Glen Bolcain
      for ... of my head.
    11. Green watercress
      and a draft of pure water,
      I fare on them, I smile not,
      not so the man by the wall.
    12. In summer amid the herons of Cuailgne,
      among packs of wolves when winter comes,
      at other times under the crown of a wood;
      not so the man by the wall.
    13. Happy Glen Bolcain,
      fronting the wind, around which madmen of the glen call,
      woe is me! I sleep not there;
      more wretched am I than the man by the wall.