Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 23


    1. Sweeter to me about the waves—
      though my talons to-night are feeble—
      than the grig-graig of the church-bell,
      is the cooing of the cuckoo of the Bann.

    2. p.35

    3. O woman, do not bring forth thy son
      on a Friday,
      the day whereon Suibhne Geilt eats not
      out of love for the King of righteousness.
    4. As the women scutch the flax—
      'tis true though 'tis I be heard—
      even so were beaten my folk
      in the battle of Magh Rath.
    5. From Loch Diolair of the cliff
      to Derry Coluim Cille
      it was not strife that I heard
      from splendid, melodious swans.
    6. The belling of the stag of the desert above the cliffs
      in Siodhmuine Glinne—
      there is no music on earth
      in my soul but its sweetness.
    7. O Christ, O Christ, hear me!
      O Christ, O Christ, without sin!
      O Christ, O Christ, love me!
      sever me not from thy sweetness!.